The Quality Management System is totally implanted at the Company since 1999 being initially certificated at ISO 9002:1994 until the latest version ISO 9001:2008.

Passing through out several recertifications always with high standards, the ISO 9001:2008 it is a norm of the Quality Management System that allows the Company to organize in order to control the technical, administrative and human factors that affect the quality of its products and services. The matter of control is guided by the reduction, elimination and above all, prevention of deficiencies, having as a main goal the continuous improvement and the attainment of the client´s necessities.

The Quality Management System has one of the most important functions inside the Company´s structure. Since the elaboration and implementation of the work´s procedures and instructions, supporting its employees in all work sites, attending the client´s requests, aiming the continuous improvement through the services’ conformities, prevention and identification of the non-conformities, training and capacity programs to its employees, control of documents and registers and performance of audits to the maintenance and enhancement of the System.

It´s the integration of all Company´s departments for the achievement of all quality´s objectives and the Company´s Quality Police to be accomplished efficiently.

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