Advocates business interests rather than personal positions, through the combination of common purposes, simple rules, and trust. With the assurance that his or her stage of work has been delivered to the subsequent area to the satisfaction of the client and the Company.


Is assertive and appropriate at all levels, stimulating critical thinking. Assesses the gap between results and expectations. Asks open-ended questions, focusing on the changes needed to achieve established goals. Supports choices, challenging beliefs with solid arguments.

Effective Communication

Is responsible for self-development. Continuously searches for learning sources and transforms them into actions, generating results for themselves and for the business. Feels co-responsible for the development of others, being open to share, guide, support and work together when necessary.

Develops oneself and others

It guides choices and decisions in terms of what to do, what not to do, how to do it, and when to do it.
It is purpose-driven and task-focused generating results. Brings meaning/ significance when it perceives that goals have been met.

Results orientation

Is purpose-oriented, regardless of adversities. Implements short, medium and long term actions, valuing his/her own experiences and those of his/her colleagues, to achieve the expected goals.


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