Social Responsability


ENESA values and is concerned with issues related to society, environment, health and safety, meeting ethical and transparent guidelines, aiming to add greater opportunities in the market, considering all the interfaces directly or indirectly linked in its activities, since 2015 the NBR 16001 standard of Social Responsibility is implemented in the Central Office and the Unidade 117 Vale Vitória – ES.

Thinking about the exercise of citizenship, we mobilize ourselves before the empowerment of the communities around our works, located in several regions of Brazil, investing in local, regional and national development, through socio-educational, cultural and environmental protection actions, providing improvements in the quality of life, increasing the generation of jobs, reducing social marginalization and enabling infrastructures such as water supply, basic sanitation and social and corporate campaigns such as blood donation, Easter solidarity, visits to nursing homes among several others.


ENESA is concerned with the opinion of its stakeholders (employees, customers, suppliers, community, unions, third parties and partners), which is of paramount importance to the organization as a whole, and because of this we have expanded our dialogue channels to improve communication with all interested parties and add value to our corporate decisions.

In addition, we promote other environmental awareness programs, such as recycling of printing scrap paper, batteries, technological waste, as well as thematic campaigns, involving the participation of our employees and the local community, aiming at short, medium and long-term changes in posture.

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