ENESA ENGENHARIA S.A. is a national company, focused on constructive engineering solutions, specialized in electromechanical assembly and maintenance services, operating in large undertakings in the country.


ENESA is one of the most highly regarded engineering companies in the country, with systems and procedures of the highest quality level and, at the same time, promoting healthy, continuous and fruitful relations in all spheres in its micro and macro universe, and generating wealth in its surroundings.

A 100% national company, its operations are based on reliability, commitment, ethical standards and great knowledge of constructive engineering solutions, making it a reference in electromechanical assembly and industrial maintenance.

ENESA operates in the country’s largest industrial infrastructure and large-scale production projects, for major companies in segments such as Electric Power, Mining, Paper and Cellulose, Oil and Gas, Petrochemicals, Steelworks & Metallurgy, Aluminum, Cement, Fertilizers and Transportation.


09 units in Brazil today
+ more than 3.500 thousand employees
05 projects currently in the field of
Energy, Pulp & Paper, Aluminum, Oil & Gas and Industrial Maintenance



Founded in May 1977, ENESA is one of Brazil’s largest electromechanical assembly and maintenance companies specialized in construction and assembly engineering solutions and EPC (Engineering, Procurement and Construction) activities for the most diverse sectors of the economy, especially large industrial and infrastructure works.

In 1978, just one year after it began operations, one of ENESA’s first projects was the iconic Itaipu, the second largest hydroelectric power plant in the world today, already proving its great expertise in the industrial assembly market.

ENESA specialized and consolidated itself in various segments from 1979 to 1989, such as energy, steel metallurgy, transportation and cement, with major works for renowned companies that contributed significantly to its growth.

Subsequently, ENESA went on to consolidate itself in blast furnaces, copper and aluminum mining, among others. Still in 2003, it was awarded ISO 9001 certification, the first of several quality, safety and sustainability certifications.


  • 2008: We reach the historic mark of 20 million hours worked without lost time accidents, gaining great prominence in the national engineering scene in the safety aspect;
  • 2011: We carry out one of the largest readjustment projects in the mining industry;
  • 2015: We started in the Pulp and Paper sector, year in which we conquered the NBR 16001 certification for Social Responsibility, and also the ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certifications two years later, in 2017;

Since 1977 improving the Quality, acting with
transparency and investing in Safety.


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