Security and Occupational Health

Certified in the main standards of Occupational Health and Safety


ENESA complies with the legal requirements of Occupational Health and Safety, governed by the Consolidation of Labor Laws, ABNT NBR 16001, ISO 45001 and Regulatory Norms, where it promotes the continuous improvement of working conditions, guaranteeing a safe and healthy working environment. Cleanliness and organization in the workplace, including clean and well-maintained uniforms, contribute to the safety and good image of the company. All ENESA and contractor employees must know the dangers and risks for health and safety related to their activities.


ENESA establishes systematic actions of control, monitoring and prevention of the dangers and risks for the health and safety of its employees, which allows for the reduction of the accident potential, assists in the legislative compliance and in the increase of the quality, productivity and competitiveness of the company. Above all, ENESA demands the observance and compliance with rules and precautions that prevent accidents, including the use of the protection equipment defined as obligatory.

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