ESG, which stands for Environmental, Social and Governance and which in the financial market summarizes a series of conduct criteria that must be adopted by companies seeking to attract socially conscious investors.

The market’s concern with ESG criteria is growing more and more, making investors seek out companies and bet more and more on products and services with a positive impact on the environment in society and with alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals defined by the ONU.

In 2022, Enesa is seeking certification in the BV ESG 360 standard, a certification which, through an independent third-party audit, which will be carried out by Bureau Veritas, will certify Enesa as one of the companies with a level of maturity sustainable, diagnosing and measuring the main practices and improvement scenarios within the sustainable metrics used globally.

According to Bureau Veritas, Enesa has advanced in its sustainability practices, which are structuring for decision-making and ethical, transparent and responsible management.


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