Recovery Boiler – PA

The overall goal of the Puma II Project is to produce kraftliner with a high percentage of short fiber, including a 100% eucalyptus kraftliner paper of low basis weight.

The Recovery Boiler HERB (High Efficiency Recovery Boiler) with a capacity of 3,300 tds/d, with high steam parameters of 103 bar and 502 °C to maximize power generation. The new Power Boiler is combined with the Recovery Boiler to form a Boiler Island, where some auxiliary equipment is shared between the two boilers, providing savings in investment and operating costs. The fuels used will be bark and wood rejects from the mill.

For the project in question, the contracted service is related to the electromechanical assembly of the Power Boiler and Recovery Boiler and all auxiliary equipment. With a duration of 23 months, the work has 1029 employees in Ortigueira, state of Paraná.

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