Figueira Energy

Installed in the city of Candiota, Rio Grande do Sul, Figueira Energia’s operational facilities are located inside a mining area. The unit serves about 30 municipalities and has a maximum operating capacity of 1000ton of urban solid waste per day. With current operation of 800ton/day, the unit currently has the adequate equipment to meet the demand of services, from transportation, final destination, compacting, drainage and biogas extraction. The gas generated by the landfill is directed to a power generation station installed inside the unit.

With the objective of generating electricity through Biogas, generated by the MEIOESTE landfill. Currently producing a flow of 1,200 Nm3/h of biogas and generating 2,000KWh with two moto-generators. Its goal is to reach the flow rate of 1.800 Nm3/h and generate 3.000KWh.

Besides generating electricity, Figueira’s goal is to protect the environment. Its main raw material is Biogas, which comes from the domiciliary residues generated by each residence. The union of Meioeste with Figueira Energy brought several improvements for the region, because 100% of the Biogas generated by the landfill is now being transformed into electric energy, bringing benefits to the environment.

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