Power Boiler

The power boiler, also known as the biomass boiler, is part of a circuit that supports the manufacture of cellulose. Its operation guarantees the production of steam used for energy production and also as a heating source for the industrial process. The boiler uses as fuel the residues from the chip preparation area. The wood chips are chopped and processed, these become fuel for the boiler’s controlled combustion, which heats water, generating steam. Directed to turbines, the steam generates electricity capable of supplying the plant.

The Power Boiler, with EcoFluid Bubbling Fluidized Bed (BFB) technology, with a capacity of 220 t/h, combined with the Recovery Boiler forms a Boiler Island, where some auxiliary equipment is shared between the two boilers, providing savings in investment and operating costs. The fuels used are bark and wood rejects from the mill.

For the project in question, the contracted service is related to the electromechanical assembly of the Power Boiler and Recovery Boiler and all auxiliary equipment. With a duration of 23 months, the work has 1029 employees in Ortigueira, state of Paraná.

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